Election Results: Counting Day For India's Biggest Election Amid Pandemic

Sunday, May 2, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: who is on the ground, who are covering in a sense both these stories both these unfolding stories both the election results. the counting which is going to start very shortly. and of course, the unfolding coronavirus problem he's I believe at ballygunge. at the accounting center, they're sort of so I mean obviously counting yet to start but sort of it's interesting or worrying rather that we've actually seen the coronavirus spike during the course, of this west Bengal campaign.

 it's actually running fairly amok, now and west Bengal, now Kolkata is actually now finally starting to enforce lockdowns, and restrictions, to try and get things under control. absolutely it's been shocking that you know elections have gone on political parties have gone on business, as usual during the pandemic but at the counting center there are certainly winds of change and winds of change meaning that there are people who are constantly making announcements there is an effort to maintain social distancing political workers. are coming in they're being told that their masks.

 will not only they have to wear masks. but they'll have to wear it properly, you can see this gentleman you know, here with the microphone announcing, telling people that nobody will be announced in fact you know right now. what you see is a policeman sort of having an argument with someone who wants to go into the center and is not wearing a mask, and he's been told to wear a mask. and he's finally put it on and these are images. that we will see from across West Bengal.

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