East Coast May See Formation Of Cyclone Likely To Hit Bengal, Odisha By May 27

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: there's now a cyclonic storm warning for Bengal and Orissa, for the 26th of this month. there's a low-pressure zone over the north Andaman Sea in the Bay of Bengal, and that and rainfall may commence from the 25th evening there is a significant increase in the spatial extension and intensity of the storm and the weather office says. that they are monitoring this very very closely, but this is very bad news, you know the memory of cyclone. I'm fun still very vivid in the minds of people in Bengal certainly parts of south Bengal, and now word of another possible cyclone in the state.

 what are you hearing that's right amphan happened in Bengal on the 22nd of may last year. and somehow there's a sense of deja vu that you know, the whole situation is developing again there has been a warning issued by the weather office here in Kolkata and by the ministry of earth sciences. you know imd and it says that from the 25th certainly, the coastal areas of Orissa and Bengal should expect cyclonic storm and wind that could go up to 70 kilometers per hour. that will actually start their thing from the 23rd of may itself and increase you know especially on the 25th, 24th, to 26th, apparently between 25th and 27th May. it will also hit the coast of Bangladesh fishermen have already been told not to go out to sea by the 23rd by the 23rd they must all be back even the government of West Bengal has founded some alert in the coastal district already certainly one year on after a repeat of this cyclone which in the social media somehow there had been much chatter about cyclone yosh now I don't know what imd is calling this one but the alert has been founded right.

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