"Don't Insult Me Like This": Mamata Banerjee To PM After Meeting Row

Saturday, May 29, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: the west Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has hit out hard at the center, for what she says is there showing one-sided news to allege that she deliberately made prime minister Modi wait for half an hour for a meeting yesterday. hours after the center ordered her top bureaucrat to return to Delhi Mamata Banerjee addressed a press conference this afternoon and appealed to the prime minister to allow her government to focus on covid. in the fallout of cyclone yas and she put it not carry out a political vendetta against her in the state of Bengal right now. simply because she says the bjp lost the recent assembly elections to the tmc a press conference came after the center ordered her top bureaucrat to return to Delhi after sources in the central government said, that ms Banerjee had skipped a meeting led by the prime minister and photos showing her vacant seat during that meeting was seen plastered across the social media on bjp leaders accounts. 

it's a political vein data that I thought since you are touching the length of Bengal. we reached kalai kunda in that in the interest of the state and for state whatever I can do for Bengal people, I have a special interest for that if prime minister tells me you touch my feet I will help them all that also I am ready to do but please don't humiliate me like this don't insult me, like this don't defend about them you cannot digest the defeat that's all from the day. one you started this type of activity every time, you are going for confrontation because the meeting earlier it was decided pm and cm but later on it was totally revised this is been given where honorable governor central minister I have no objection then MLA then opposition leader. 

what they mean so the big bjp party. why in Gujarat last week he went there, why are you not called the opposition leader there, it is your state even orisha also opposition leader was not there in my state. whenever you come you create some confusion and always you create some confrontation. why and I mentioned three times sir with your kind permission may I leave along with my second set with my with your kind permission may we leave sir with your kind may we leave after that we went to dikha and we convened meeting and all this but you tell me from yesterday plan wise they have shown some vacation so that I didn't sit there why I'll sit there I discuss the matter with you there was no seat inside the prime minister wherever he was sitting.

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