Delhi High Court To Centre On Oxygen Shortage

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: the Delhi high court, has told the center, and these are strong words. why shouldn't we charge you with contempt of court and initiate contempt proceedings brought to our it has in fact they say brought to our notice. that Delhi is not getting sufficient oxygen, the supreme court had asked the center. to ensure supply, of sufficient oxygen, but the center according to the Delhi high court has failed to comply. 
so that's one of the things that is being said by the Delhi high court, let's see if we have these are strong words, but you know the thing is that for the past few weeks we have been hearing these strong strongly worded observations by the courts. but on the ground, things don't seem to be changing yeah yes the Delhi high court has again come down very heavily on the central government regarding, the oxygen supply in the national capital, in fact, the center had told the supreme court that earlier the supreme court had asked the central government to supply. 

the oxygen as per the demand of the national capital. and then it was part of the order, also so that particular order was brought before the Delhi. I could think that the center had assured before the supreme court. that they would be complying with the order, and then they would be supplying the oxygen for the nasal capsule as per. the demand and then the daily government said that the demand is somewhere around 960 metric tons, of which they want 700 metric tons immediately per day. so that the hospitals can be supplied with enough oxygen. 
so that was a submission made, before the Delhi high court. by the Delhi government, but the central government argued saying, that as for their own calculation, Delhi does not need 700 metric ton of partisan, and then they said that there is still a disagreement between the demand as per what the Delhi government is saying, and what the air formula is showing. so that's what I sent the high court intervenes saying that when people are dying you both at the center is showing center is turning blind eye and center is not looking into the reality. 

where the people are dying out of oxygen, saying that they don't have any other option apart from initiating quantum proceedings earlier also the high court had sum up with a similar kind of observation forward the central government. had moved the Delhi high court asking for a withdrawal of that particular remark and that particular application. was listed for hearing today in today's hearing again daily I could reiterate that that's the last option that is left with them and then they have asked the central government to come up. with a complaint order whether they would be supplying with the 700 metric tons of oxygen, to the natural capital.

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