Delhi Doctor On Spike In Black Fungus Cases In Covid Patients

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: a case of black fungus, has been increasing among covid patients and the symptoms include swelling in the eyes, or cheeks black crust, on their nose in extreme cases leading to loss of eyesight, and removal of the nose and jawbone also in extreme cases. now at Delhi Sri ranga ram hospital 21 patients. the disease is currently admitted, out of which 10 are in the covid ward while 11 post covid patients are in the dr Ajay Swarup, the chairman of the ent department at Gangaramto, try and understand this huge menace of black fungus emerging in the country. 

so my first question to you is how many cases are you facing at this point in time, what's the frequency, with which cases are coming to you every day. well, firstly I must say that the incidence has really really spiraled in my 35 years of practice. I have not seen as many cases of mucormycosis as I've seen in the last 10 days. so that is that gives you some idea, secondly coming to exact figures in a hospital-like Gangnam hospital. which is tertiary care, so we are getting references from many hospitals otherwise also on average, we are getting about 20 to 25 cases per day. which is an extremely high incidence, as I've said in my 35 years of practice. I used to see maybe two or three cases in about six months. and now because of this covid crisis, it has really increased tremendously. so the other question is that there are a lot of questions, being raised on the use of steroids at this point of time because it is one of the possible factors, that leads to this disease in fact the dc of Faridabad also recently announced that none of the pharmacies can sell steroids until unless.

 there's a proper prescription that the person comes, with so in terms of hospital protocols, the treatment protocols are there any particular precautions being taken on the use of steroids especially. when it comes to people with diabetes, who are more vulnerable to mucormycosis definitely, that's a very valid point steroids are the mainstay of treatment in covid. so you see one has to weigh the advantages, and disadvantages, we are actually first trying to treat covalent, and steroid is required. however having said that there is definitely, now with mucormycosis coming up, so rapidly one has to modify and be very very careful. while using steroids for example even people, who have very mild disease and are being treated at home start taking steroids either on their own or on the prescription of their treating physician. 

now that is a practice, which should be totally avoided secondly as far as the hospital setting is concerned. we are now first and foremost identifying high-risk patients, for nuclear microsis and these patients. are who are already having uncontrolled diabetes, or diabetic ketoacidosis and these are the patients. who have to be strictly monitored for rational use of steroids, we have to use steroid you see and let me tell you it's a double-edged sword steroid are required to control the inflammation caused by covalent and steroids definitely are one major factor in the increased incidence of mucous mycosis, so one has to balance out the usage we are currently standing outside aims hospital in Delhi. these are the line of pharmacies that you usually see over here and most medicines are available at these pharmacies but right now. the drug for much my causes the fungal infection, whose cases have been rising there is a drug for it called amphotericin that injection is running out of stock. at most of these pharmacies over here while there are several relatives of patients, that have been coming in here constantly many of those are returning empty-handed because pharmacies have run out of stock government says it is amping up production looking at more options. 

how to increase availability but at these pharmacies, it has been out of stock for quite some time. we will try and get a perspective from the pharmacists over here foreign, so that's what is the situation outside Delhi's most prominent hospital. which is Aims however if you go to these hospitals their own pharmacies do have stock. of the medicine, we checked with sargangaram hospital. we checked with apollo their own pharmacies the pharmacies that are situated within the hospital premises do have enough stock for the admitted patients but there are many others who are still looking for this drug.

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