Delhi Doctor Among 12 Dead After Batra Hospital Ran Out Of Oxygen

Saturday, May 1, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: the number of people, who have died, at Delhi's Batra hospital. has now risen to 12 from eight including one doctor of the hospital, who died, and this after the facility out of medical, oxygen, for the second time. in the space of a week at around 12:45 pm, and this is after several calls, were made by the hospital asking for more oxygen. to be given to them urgently six of those. 

who died were admitted to the ICU, the doctor who died has been identified, as dr RK himatani the head of the gastroenterology unit hospital officials even told the Delhi high court today, about that's looking into the oxygen crisis. that resupply tank, has only reached the hospital around 1:30 p.m, "meaning that around 230 critically ill patients, were without oxygen for around 80 minutes." in fact earlier as well the hospital has said the number could go up 

so you know this is just terrible, now the number of dead has risen to 12, and the hospital saying, they're still closely monitoring. those on oxygen well yes support is a very even situation with now the death toll increasing to 12 it was eight earlier what the hospital officials have told us. now that despite the fact that oxygen, has been sent including an oxygen tanker, that came before our eyes the second one to reach the hospital within a span of triage despite this new supply coming, in four more people have lost, their lives because according to the doctors. 

what they are saying, is that these were critical patients. that were on oxygen support, and once they are destabilized or the oxygen levels sink, it is very hard to revive. them later no matter how much oxygen we provide, to them and we tried our best. but despite that, they lost their lives, and currently, the hospital has these other 220 since. what again on oxygen support, and that is why they are saying that the next 24 to 48 hours are also critical for them and the death toll could be even higher. 

so there has been a debate over the oxygen issue. even in court today, the court has asked the central government, to ensure that the 490 metric tons of supply that Delhi is supposed to get for oxygen that should be assured. if that does not happen then contempt of court proceedings, will be issued against the government, but despite that, all of these while all of these proceedings, will take place there are human lives at stake and with each passing art there are many families. who are just praying to god at this moment,

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