CoWin Portal Is Fine, Gap In Demand And Supply": Dr RS Sharma

Thursday, May 6, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: rs Sharma, who's CEO chairperson and a part of the committee of administration for covid-19. and also someone who oversees the Cowin app is a question on behalf of many frustrated 18 to 45-year-olds. which I'm sure already has been directed your way many times. as to why they are struggling to get an appointment on the Cowin app. 

I know you are only in charge of the app, the tech part, of it you're not in charge of buying and distributing vaccines. but can you shed some light from just the app point of view, about why this is turning out to be such a challenge? and I think at the beginning itself it's good that you clarify that, I am only in charge of the app or not the app exactly the platform which platform into the vaccination in this country. 

now with regard to you know every vaccination slot being full, the simple fact is that you know the vaccination for 18 to 45 have started. and that has started in a limited way. you know at some centers, some private centers, and also some state governments, have started all of them may. not have started as yet so that's the reason why there is a kind of you know the gap in demand and supply as far as the portal is concerned. the portal is working fine, and we are whatever you know whichever hospital comes on board and publishes its vacancies then those vacancies are published on the platform. and the platform is open for bookings and that's right.

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