Covid-19 News: 'Unauthorised' Vaccination Centre Exposed In Assam, Probe Ordered

Friday, May 14, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: the Assam government has ordered an inquiry after a news website exposed a story, on how a section of the health department staff for running, an  Unauthorised vaccination center. which was not part of the government-listed vaccine sites. and it was inoculating people in culture it's an investigative report on the Silchar-based news website. has also claimed that vaccination jabs were given illegal, in exchange for money top health department officials have confirmed. 

that the news report, has come to their notice and they are probing the matter deep an illegal vaccination center in Assam. that's what it appears to be at least if we go by what has been published, in the news report by you know Silchar based in the news website Barack bulletin they had done this know expose. where they had you know run into this, what they are claiming to be unauthorized vaccination center. so if we go by the news report, what the website has found is that a section of the health workers. were actually vaccinating inoculating people with vaccines of Covishield. and these people and they have found a lot of people on camera. 

who admitted that they were not registered on co-win and yet they were inoculated now, what we are picking up from Assam health department sources is that this news report has come to the notice. of the officials, and already the district administration has been asked to probe into this matter. so we have to wait for what you know comes out in the inquiry but from the news report. which has come out in the public domain now it is clear that at least 80 people seem to be have been inoculated without maintaining proper records. 

at least and this comes at a time when people are actually struggling to book side, a book you know appointments for vaccination particularly in the age group of 18 to 44 those people. who are you know already registered on the co-Win app. so at this point in time when there is also a shortage of vaccines in the country. when if health workers are running such unauthorized vaccine centers. then it is definitely a reason of concern and that's, why the state health officials have asked, the district administration to look into it right.

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