Covid-19 News: In Bengaluru, 5-Bed ICU Bus To Help Critical Patients

Friday, May 21, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: a five-bed ICU bus, is ready in Bengaluru to help critical patients. the bus costs between eight to about 10 lakh rupees, the aim is to prepare 100 such buses in a matter of three to four months from the bus in Bengaluru this is a special bus. a five-bed ICU, ambulance, this bus has been converted into in fact an ambulance as you can see. five beds are here and I can also see provision for ventilators, we have with us the managing director of the ksrtc Mr c shiv yogi sir, what other facilities are there in this course as you can see that this particular bus. 

which is a converted bus from our existing fleet into an icu on base this concept took place about 15 to 20 days ago. and we thought of converting this but basically, the demand was for converting and giving assistance to the patients. who need oxygen can it be called really ICU on wheels, will that match the level of that see that normally. we see in the hospital, I would say this will be more like a step-down hospital not exactly ICU of a hospital standard but still especially in the covid matters whose spor between the 85 to 90 percentage, etc they can always take this facility. 

so something is better than nothing but the thing is that, how much did you spend to renovate this bus, this particular bus basically was an old bus. so we have renovated an in-house, so since our own human resources were involved definitely the cost has definitely come down, it would cost something around eight to ten lakh rupee with the investment of medical facilities and also conversion cost we are in touch with some of the NGOs. so we would like to partner with any of the industrialists and entrepreneurs we would take this forward to PPP mode and would escalate this to more than 100 buses in the next three to four months that is over here so the government is planning to extend this facility to all the district headquarters for that they are requesting the NGOs as well as private hospitals to come forward with logistics support.

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