COVID-19: India to receive 360 million Sputnik jabs by March 2022

Sunday, May 9, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: sell by the end of March, next year an estimated 360 million Indians, are said to get the Russian covid vaccine sputnik fee now. according to officials coordinating the entire vaccine measures in the country, India will have approximately 361 million doses of vaccines by then spreading b is the third covid vaccine. that India regulatory authorities have given approval, to after curvy shield and covid it India received. 

the first consignment of 1.5 million doses of sputnik v, on the first of this month. now the second consignment will see the same number of vaccines reaching India, overall India will get 18 million ready-made doses of sputnik out of which 3 million will arrive this month, with 5 million vaccines in June, and 10 million to be shipped in the month of July. our sovereign wealth fund the Russian direct investment fund has funded the vaccine it has signed paths with five Indian companies to produce 850 million doses.

India but also exported to other countries, between June 2021 to the march of 2022 around 238 million doses will be produced in the country India, also expected to get 11 million doses in the form of fill and finish more than 60 countries. have given approval to sputnik v, and as of the 5th of may more than 20 million people have globally received. 

the first injection of the sputnik v vaccine interestingly a combination of vaccines like a sputnik, and AstraZeneca, for use, is also being talked about and now with the announcement of Russia's, single-dose vaccine sputnik light the volume of the vaccines is expected to increase sputnik light. will also be produced in India Russian direct investment fund CEO, says it will be produced in exactly the same countries. where sputnik v will be produced which are India Korea and china.

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