COVID-19: Black fungal infections on a rise in India

Saturday, May 15, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: India continues to battle, the devastating second wave of coronavirus pandemic last 24 hours India has recorded over 3,26,000 new covid cases. india's daily surgeon infections over the last week this is perhaps the lowest caseload in a fortnight, while the numbers have dropped over the last week. the situation remains grim as the virus continues to rip through rural India. has reported over 30,03,800 covid related tests in the last 24 hours pushing the national death toll above 2,66,000 this for the first time in three days.

 that India has reported less than 4,000 deaths in a single day. state governments have been increasingly using lockdowns. as a way to control the surge of Maharashtra, and Delhi, the two states with the longest and strictest lockdowns. a decline in positivity rates Maharashtra has extended its lockdown till the 1st of June. in New Delhi, the ongoing lockdown has been extended till May 17th. this was the first time in a month when the national capital reported less than 10,000 fresh cases. the recent surge of new infections has left the health care system, on the brink of collapse states are reporting a shortage of oxygen, ventilators, and other medical supplies, needed to tackle the crisis. 

but even with the numbers dropped, in some states cases. are now actively rising in Tamil Nadu, and other states. eleven states currently have over one hundred thousand active cases. while eight of them have between fifty thousand, and one hundred thousand India's joint health secretary pointed out. that the cases in Maharashtra up gujard and Chattisgarh, are now falling remember these are states that were driving India's second wave, he added that India's positivity rate has fallen from 22 percent last week. 

to 19.8 percent now also at the press conference was ames director randip guleria he addressed. the recent surge in black fungus infections across india guleria flagged the misuse of steroids as a major cause of this infection he urged physicians across the country. to be more careful while using these drugs remember black fungus infections have been reported in hospitals across India. they are common in immunocompromised patients and the second wave has seen a rise of these infections and covered 19 survivors.

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