Coronavirus Vaccination: Tamil Nadu Government Procures 1 Lakh Covishield Doses

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: the Tamilnadu government has procured one lakh doses of covid shield to arrive at 11am today. the silver lining being the Tamilnadu government is likely to launch vaccination for the 18 plus age group tomorrow. what's the latest we're excited for 11 a.m that's right parmesan. the significance of this consignment is this was directly purchased by the Tamilnadu department. to kick start its vaccination program for the 18 plus category, the category between 18 and 44 age group and indications are that the Tamilnadu government. 

will officially launch it tomorrow. although it was earlier launched at that time Tamilnadu did not have enough supplies and only a couple of private hospitals to begin with apollo had launched. it in a smaller way, but this would pay the way for more number of people. to get inoculated in the 18 plus category, so far in Tamilnadu which has a total population of around seven growth. only 70 000 plus people in the 45 plus category have taken doses around 10 lakh of them have taken both doses. and still, the numbers are heavily in terms of supplies very short and at the moment the Tamil government has also floated global tenders to get at least two crude doses of vaccine. 

so that they'll be able to expand. the vaccination for both the 18 plus category, as well as the 45 plus category, and in Chennai in particular so far around 10 lakh people have taken Chennai has a total population of around 18 lakh people in the 45 plus category, and they have covid around 50 of this and this arrival many hope would also help. them to get more supplies to ramp up their vaccination at the moment Chennai is targeting at 25 000 doses every day. in terms of inoculation, it has expanded in terms of reaching out to communities slum areas and also the conflicts. where people working in industries and factories are also vaccinated to make sure maximum population gets protected from the health.

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