Coronavirus Update: Nepal’s hospitals running out of beds COVID-19

Sunday, May 2, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: In the past week, Nepal has seen an alarming rise in cases reporting over 4000 cases, on a daily basis. with rising cases Nepal's health infrastructure is struggling to cope with the sudden influx of patients. the ministry of health and the population, has urged the citizens to be cautious and follow the health and safety guidelines a lockdown. has been enforced in Kathmandu valley for two weeks in order to control surging cases. 

other affected districts-amuran, jhapa, and chitwan among others the total of coronavirus cases of the country is a little over 300000 cases. of coronavirus cases in Nepal are at their peak and rising most of the hospitals in the country. are swamped with an influx of covid patients doctors here have also warned that Nepal is facing a very similar devastating wave of coronavirus. 

as its neighboring, India the ministry of health, has also said that the level of infection has gone beyond the capacity of its public health system. it has become difficult for the hospitals to provide beds, to the patients basically, the government has given up and the people have been left on their own currently Nepal is conducting as many as 15,000 coronavirus tests in a day. and the recovery rate of the virus stands at 86.9 percent in the country.

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