Coronavirus Update: India records highest death-toll ever COVID-19

Saturday, May 8, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: we are tracking for you. this hour India recorded over 4,00000 cases, for a third consecutive day. in a row and in another grand milestone marked, the highest ever single-day death, toll now the country. which is still reeling under a deadly second wave of the virus reported for the first time over four thousand deaths, in a single day. 

this takes the overall death toll past two hundred and thirty thousand India is the third country. after the u.s, and brazil, to report over 4,000 days, in a single day and India also reported over 400 and 1078 cases on Friday, taking the country's overall caseload to over 21 million as cases to continue to surge across the country. at least 14 states are reporting cases. 

in the thousands with Maharashtra reporting, the highest with about 54,000 cases Karnataka has clocked in nearly 49,000 while Kerala had over 38,000. this has prompted all states, in the country. to impose some form of lockdown Karnataka, on Friday. became the first day to impose a total lockdown. something that prime minister Narendra Modi, said was the last resort southern state will go into full lockdown mode from the 10th of May till the 20th.

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