coronavirus news: Uttar Pradesh rural Villages Cope With Covid Crisis

Friday, May 7, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: tonight we turn our focus to Uttar Pradesh emerging. as one of the worst-hit, centers of the coronavirus over 13 lakh cases adding over 30,000 cases every day. and so far has clocked close to 14,000 deaths. and all of this is with low testing, which means the actual numbers would be much higher. 

what makes Uttar Pradesh all the more worrying, is that the virus appears to have entered small towns and villages. where healthcare networks remain very poor, from the interiors of western Uttar Pradesh. where the virus has made a deadly entry into a village in Muzaffarnagar. taking multiple lives but first here is his report from a village in merit. where six have been killed in just the past seven days.

right now, I'm standing at ikri village of merit day before yesterday district administration of merit organized a covid testing camp, in this village. and that was anti-gen covid testing, and then they have tested 40 villagers, and out of those 40 villages, 21 villagers were tested positive. it means that almost 50 percent of the population is covid affected in this particular village in last one week six people died due to covid and those six people who died. 

they were tested positive, in the report they died in hospital. and few died in a home because they did not get support from foreign. who died due to covid this morning. he was a resident of ikri village of merit according to official figures in the last seven days, six villagers in this equity village died due to covid. according to villagers, there are two more villagers. 

who have died and they were having symptoms of covid but they could not get tested the scenes like these are common in several villages of Muzaffarnagar, Meerut, Baghpat, kerana, and other cities. of western up according to villagers, the testing is not happening in the villages, no sanitization, and in fact the there are several villagers who are covid positive officially. they are not provided with the medicines by the district administration.

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