Coronavirus News: Centre's New SOPs To Battle Covid In Villages Amid Surge

Sunday, May 16, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: now there are some new guidelines. as far as the center is concerned, and how the situation needs to be dealt with, at the level of the villages, and at the level of districts across the country. village-level surveillance teleconsultation, with community health officers and training, and rapid antigen testing are among the several areas, of focus in the center's, new standard operating procedures to battle covid 19 as the pandemic. gradually moves to the semi-urban, and rural areas, of the country it is important the standard operating procedures suggest to ensure that community-based services. 

and primary health infrastructure, in these areas, is equipped to manage infections, in every village active surveillance should be done for influenza-like illnesses or severe acute respiratory. infections periodically by Asha, with the help of village health sanitation, and nutrition committees symptomatic cases. can be triaged at the village devil by teleconsultation, with community health officers, and cases with co-morbidity or low oxygen saturation should be sent to higher centers. 

is what the government has advised, that's the big cause of concern I mean rural India, because not only is there the basic infrastructure, not there the testing facilities you know. rt PCR tests are not available, that's the reason why they want to change the strategy, to do surveillance through the rapid antigen test. so that will help in actually isolating and going ahead apart from that, of course, a number of steps currently consulting. a whole host of measures to try to see that that infrastructure. 

which is missing in rural India, can be in some way or the other you know to meet that gap and see that one way or the other these people can get some kind of relief, apart from of course the basic toolkits that are required in terms of fighting covid the medicines and various other basic structures of course also oxygen, but as I explained earlier the problem really is that you're in rural India. you don't have those basic hospitals, you don't have the testing facilities. and you need field hospitals you need to have the help of your armed forces as well as other district agencies to ensure that one way or the other they will be able to deal with this crisis if it goes out of proportion.

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