Coronavirus News: 1.65 Lakh New Covid Cases In India, Positivity Rate Below 10% For 6th Day

Sunday, May 30, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: the numbers and India's covid graph continued to show a declining trend with 1.73 lakh new covid cases recorded, in the past 24 hours. the lowest daily spike in 45 days, earlier in the month the country's daily cases had hit a grim world record of 4.14 infections and this is now several days. that we've seen the number fall below to lack as well the positivity rate also nearing about eight percent, or so and Delhi also continues to show a dip over there but let's again go back to on the numbers over here. so when we look at these figures it's very important as we keep saying to look at it in a sense of relativity right when we look at it in sense of relativity that at one point not very long ago we were over four lakh cases now if you're below two lakh cases. 

so it's a good moment really but even at this point these numbers are too big and these numbers need to be handled this is not the time when people can let down their guard well absolutely, and even at this point of time, our positivity rate is eight percent. now to look at the brighter side of it it's the sixth consecutive day. that our positivity rate has been less than ten percent, but if you look at the ideal scenarios something that the world health organization suggests is that any country's positivity rate, should remain less than five percent for things to be able to be in a situation. where you can say that their things have become slightly normal or the governments will find it slightly easier to handle things so that benchmark is yet to be achieved. 

so a positivity rate of about eight percent. what we should be ideally trying to achieve is about five percent and also the death figures today again three thousand four 3460 deaths. now, one might raise the question that if we are registering anywhere between one to one point five lakh cases. then why the death numbers are so high, those continue to be high because of many of these people. who is dying now has been in hospitals for at least the last 15 to 20 days? there are people who have been in ICU or on ventilators, for anywhere between 10 to 20 days. that is what any expert who's been handling an ICU would be able to anywhere in India that's what they've been saying that this time the number of critical patients is extremely high.

 we are seeing even young age group patients battling in the ICU and ventilators for a very long period of time. as we try that battle try to struggle with that battle of trying to save their life. so there are many people who got infected during the peak of the crisis. so that decline in death numbers may happen only two to three weeks, from now because it will be a result of the people. who is getting hospitalized or are getting infected, now at this point in time and may not have as critical symptoms or may get hospitalized on time and discharged on time? so all of those factors are declining death numbers may be witnessed only in the next two to three weeks but definitely, we still need to keep our guard up because our death numbers are high and a positivity rate is also not up to the benchmark.

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