Cop Conducts Haldi Ceremony in Police Station

Saturday, May 8, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: India is witnessing the second wave of COVID-19. Rajasthan has imposed strict restrictions to contain the spread of the virus. The state government announced a 15-day lockdown ending on 3rd May. Doctors, nurses, police officials, etc are working very hard to help COVID patients in overburdened hospitals. 

Police officials are working hard to ensure curfew rules are followed. Essential servicemen without a care for their lives are working round the clock to keep citizens safe. Here's an example of this. A police constable had applied for leave for her wedding's Haldi ceremony. However, due to a spike in infection, her request was denied. She accepted the decision and came up with an alternative. 

She decided to conduct the Haldi ceremony in the police station itself. Her colleague at the police station and family members attended the event. They enjoyed singing songs. Once the ceremony was done the constable was back to work. People praised her unique idea. People in the essential services are working very hard to contain the virus in India. We salute their efforts.

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