"Communication On Vaccination": How PayTM Is Helping In Covid Fight

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover:  so many corporates across the country. in this hour of real crisis, in India have reached out, to state governments have reached out, to citizens in all sorts of ways whether it's the actual production of oxygen the tri to you know delivery of oxygen. the procurement of oxygen concentrators, a lot has been done one of the companies pay. which is now tied up with the government of Gujarat to try and ensure that a lot of aid goes in there as well we're very privileged to be Shri acharya Devra the governor, of Gujarat with us this evening is also the CEO of Paytm, Vijay sheikh Sharma. 

so Mr Sharma, let me come to you first, what is the aid the specifically targeted aid that you are trying to get into Gujarat. where is it going so first of all like you said this is a very tough time, where everybody is a countryman? who has some resources contributing wherever possible we are working? with Mohammed rajapalji of Gujarat and we are bringing district hospitals are the ones where we are contributing these directly and as guided by raj Bhagavan dev raj. what are the areas that you know you need you to feel that there are real concerns vaccination is a big problem now. 

obviously across India is that a big concern for you going forward in Gujarat Mr foreign all right that's important. so you know the queues are a huge concern and pointing that out Mr Sharma you know as acharya devraji was mentioning you know. there is a vaccine shortage obviously and therefore in that group between 18 to 44 18 to 4 18 to 44 actually getting the vaccine is problematic. what is Paytm doing to try and make that process smoother? so Vishnu there is no doubt about it that this requires an oxygen concentrator and oxygen plants along with it as we all understand that comes once you have got infected but there is a larger effort that? 

we all need to bring in to save people, to get affected and there is no other better option than the vaccine, even though vaccine supply is limited and availability is far limited. in terms of as much, we expect but it is even more important because there is a desire in people to get their vaccination done. and we've created an app, wherein Paytm there is a section. where you can check where is the foreign increasing to a horrible level the problem is that people aren't able to understand asymptomatic and many other things. 

that they do not read as a body symptom making them fall for this man, this and it takes about a week for them to realize, and then as we all understand tests are under stress and then they do not start the medicine, in fact, I can tell you as doctors say in seven days. it spreads in our body and after that, once the patient has got some fever or some symptom we struggle for finding a bad. so like I said vaccination and now communication. will be our agenda for the next four weeks that's really important communication. to keep out of all of this that's what we are trying to do on a daily basis, Mr Sharma.

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