Clarification Not Enough" Health Minister To Ramdev Over Allopathy Row

Sunday, May 23, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: the union health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, has now asked the yoga guru. the self-acclaimed yoga guru Ramdev, the face of one of India's biggest consumer goods and alternative medicine empires to rescind his remarks. in which he ostensibly said that more people die of modern medical treatments during the Copenhagen crisis than the coronavirus itself. now remember there's been a lot of pressure on the government, to take some action against Mr. Ramdev. the ima had come together this weekend. put out a statement demanding that action be taken against this Mr. Ramdev.

 because of his statements and now finally over 48 hours after this, the health minister has spoken up saying that. the people of the country are very hurt, by your remark on allopathic medicines. I have already told you about this over the phone doctors, and health workers, are like gods for the people of India for whom they are fighting against the coronavirus risking their lives dr Harsh Vardhan has said in a two-page letter written in Hindi he goes on to say you.

 have not only insulted corona warriors but have hurt the feelings of the people of the country. your clarification yesterday, is not enough to make up for it I hope you will think hard on it and withdraw your statements completely. the health minister says in this letter this, of course, comes at a time when strict action has been taken against, many who have criticized the government, and the government has taken action against them saying they were spreading misinformation in this time of a pandemic. the epidemic act has also been filed against many people, there were posters that were put out last weekend across Delhi and many over a dozen persons had been arrested. and the government said that was because they were spreading misinformation so critics here pointing out that Mr. Ramdev is also guilty on that same count.

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