Chief Ministers Feeling Humiliated And Insulted: Mamata Banerjee Hits Out At PM

Thursday, May 20, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: west Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has spoken out, on the prime minister's interaction, with DMS, of ten states today. the prime minister interacted with them online as she said chief ministers are felt insulted and humiliated. it was just a casual super flop meeting. we the chief ministers are feeling insulted and humiliated. and we are astonished, to see that the prime minister called a meeting and invited. the chief ministers and all the chief minister was sitting just like puppet nobody is allowed to speak. then how do, we speak about the public demand? we never ask about the community action, they never ask about the medicine position, they never ask about the oxygen position, then they were asked about the rendezvous. the medicine, the argent. what is not available, in the market. 

now they didn't ask us, for the black hunger that new disease countries. facing very kind, very critical passing, through a very critical juncture. where the prime minister is very casual all right. well, let's go across to that and Mamata chief minister of West Bengal. they're hitting out over these meetings saying that chief ministers, aren't allowed to express, you know their concerns their demands primarily her attack was you. actually single-minded she kept talking about, how you know the prime minister was shattering the federal structure of the country. she said, why is it that the chief ministers were not given an opportunity to speak and if that was not the plan. then why invite, them at all and therefore, she said insulted and humiliated. that's how the chief ministers felt this whole attack on federal structure, which seemed to be the underlying theme in her reaction to this meeting that the prime minister, held with district magistrates and chief ministers. in which apparently just a handful of district magistrates, were allowed to speak, and then the prime minister himself spoke month of energy. also made some very pointed attacks on the Uttar Pradesh situation. 

asking has the prime minister asked the Pradesh government. why there are bodies floating in the Ganga? she also said why is it that there are no central teens being rushed to Uttar Pradesh. like they are rushed she said to west Bengal, at any given excuse any small excuse and they are here and of course, she sort of made a point of saying that today is apparently 10 years since the trinomial congress came and formed government in Bengal and she said that the government had wanted to sort of mark the occasion by giving out vaccinations to everyone. in the state but she said vaccinations are not available, and she said that the prime minister gave us no opportunity to raise the point she also talked about how there was this you know controversy over the difference in the time between the first dose and second dose and how you know young people. were dying but they were not getting an opportunity for vaccinations interesting that she also mentioned black fungus apparently five cases have been reported in the state. so far one of them is being treated in a private hospital and her point was that the medicine for black fungus is with the center but again no discussion on how and when the states could access the medicines.

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