Centre Releases Rs 8,923 Crore For Rural Bodies In 25 States Amid Coronavirus

Monday, May 10, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: well the department of expenditure ministry of finance, yesterday released a number of rupees 8923.8 crores to 25 states. for providing grants to the rural local bodies RLBs these grants are meant for all three tiers of Panchayati, raj institutions, the village, block, in the district level institutions. the amount was released on Saturday as the first installment of the grants for the year 2021-22. it may be utilized by the RLBs among. 

other things for various prevention and mitigation measures needed to combat the covid-19 pandemic, it is expected to augment resources to the three tiers of panchayats for fighting covid-19. the statewide amount of the grant released has in fact been released. so well what is important about this grant? is that it was supposed to be given as for the Philippines finance commission from June, but because of given the fact that there has been a pandemic in a national health emergency they released this money yesterday itself. 

well ahead at least one month in advance, it's also with untied without any utilization given the prevailing situation. so as to allow panchayat, institutions, as you rightly pointed out the village, the block, in the district level, to take various prevention and mitigation steps to fight this pandemic. because as you're well aware this is now the covid virus has spread to try to tie three cities. and where the various facilities are not as good as in the cities, and in that backdrop that the ministry of expenditure has released these funds, untied funds, to ensure that people get some relief and some measures are taken to stop the spread of this virus.

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