BJP Leaders Say Party Office Set On Fire In Bengal

Sunday, May 2, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: there are reports and in fact, video surfacing of bjp offices, reportedly being set on fire by all India Trinamool Congress, these are of course videos that have been circulated by the bjp. I believe that has surfaced, what's the source of it, and what is going on here these two videos and the one video it has very you know shocking footage. 

where a bjp office which is in arambad in Hungary district of West Bengal, and that office is being burned down. and we can see that where there's a movement and you can see that there's a bjp holding also visible in that video and the bjp says that this incident happens a few minutes back and they don't say, who has done it. they never they're not anything behind this, you know stopped immediately and then we have got another video which and that's the video is from the bishnupur, city of West Bengal.

 where the bjp has said that house of a bjp booth agent that has been set on fire. they don't say who has done it, why they have done it, but us and saying that this kind of violence is going on, now okay well this is certainly worrying because we've seen a lot of violence during the campaign. we've seen in fact attacks on party offices, in the past as well there's been violence on both sides.

but the trinomial has won right, now and as you said it's not clear who's behind this but it will be deeply unfortunate if it is indeed the ruling party behind it, and we now really do hope that you know the sort of cycle of political violence. and retaliation particularly by the winner against, the loser, if that is indeed the case with these pictures we're seeing, will come to a stop.

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