Air India Data breach | Air India customers' data leaked in major cyber attack; credit card details compromised

air india data breach, Air India reported on Friday that there was a cyberattack on its server.

Friday, May 21, 2021

/ by Avishek Bera


The News Cover: Air India reported on Friday that there was a cyberattack on its server. Hackers have stolen the data of about 4.5 million passengers of the world by hacking the company's servers. This includes data on credit cards and passports etc. 

Air India data breach

Air Lines issued a statement saying that hackers have obtained the personal information of hundreds of passengers. Data are stolen from the Passenger Service System also includes credit card and passport details. This may affect about 4.5 million passengers around the world. The statement said that in our passenger service system, the personal information of passengers is stored. There has been a cyberattack on it recently. Due to this hackers have captured the personal data of some passengers. 

 The data hacking incident took place between 26 August 2011 to 3 February 2021. The company said that it includes personal information of consumers including name, date of birth, contact number, passport information, ticket information, Star Alliance, Air India Frequent Flyer data (password data is not affected), and credit card information. The government airline said that the first information about data leaks from its data processor was received on 25 February 2021. However, what data was stolen was identified between 25 March and 4 May 2021. 

Air India cyberattack

Regarding the credit card, the company said that our data processors do not have CVV / CVC numbers. After this our data processor ensured that no abnormal activity of any kind was observed on the affected server.

Air India said that after receiving information about the cyber attack it was investigated immediately. The servers affected by the attack were secured. The password for the Air India FFP program was reset. 

the company said that the data should be safe, so we have asked the passengers to change the passwords of the credit card, etc. We will take further steps to secure our data processor. Keeping the personal information of the passengers safe is our priority.

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