COVID-19: How to Choose the Right Oxygen Concentrator for You

How to Choose the Right Oxygen Concentrator for You. Corona situation in the country is serious. In addition to medication,

Saturday, May 8, 2021

/ by Avishek Bera


The News Cover: Corona situation in the country is serious. In addition to medication, oxygen therapy has become necessary for the initial treatment of infected patients. At that time, there was a fight over oxygen all over the country. Patients and their families are suffering due to unscrupulous people selling oxygen cylinders in black. In the oxygen crisis people are now looking for alternatives.

An alternative is the Oxygen Concentrator. The function of this oxygen concentrator is to collect oxygen and nitrogen present in the air and to supply fresh air to the patient through nasal cannula or oxygen mask. Oxygen concentrators can produce 95% pure oxygen. It has an oxygen sensor, so it can show how much pure air is being supplied. There are many types of oxygen concentrators available in the market now, and this report highlights the many advantages of the right oxygen concentrator.

1. Due to the sudden increase in demand for oxygen concentrators, its market is available both offline and online. Some websites, such as 1mg, Nightingales India, Healthklin, and Healthgenie are selling oxygen concentrators. However, the buyer should be careful as there are some websites that are selling nebulizers and humidifiers at the price of oxygen concentrator.

2. The trusted brands to buy Oxygen Concentrator are Equinox, Oxlife, Inogen, Aspen, OCM, Yuwell.

3. If the oxygen concentrator is chosen correctly, then the danger is not over. Because every patient needs a certain speed of air flow. Therefore, with the advice of a doctor, the patient should be given the right amount of oxygen.

4. Oxygen concentrators dissipate different levels of electricity. If you use it with the advice of a doctor, you should also keep an eye on the ability to run on a back-up battery even if there is no electricity.

5. After buying an oxygen concentrator, its oxygen level should be checked. Most oxygen concentrators claim to provide 8-99% pure oxygen. However, its value varies according to the model. In most cases portable oxygen concentrators do not provide pure oxygen.

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