Galaxy Z Flip 3 - A Pleasant SURPRISE

More information about Samsung’s new foldable smartphones is gradually coming out. Along with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung will also launch the...

Saturday, May 8, 2021

/ by Avishek Bera


The News Cover: More information about Samsung’s new foldable smartphones is gradually coming out. Along with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung will also launch the clamshell Galaxy Z Flip 3. The design of the handset was leaked a few days ago, revealing a bigger cover display and a high-refresh-rate foldable screen. Now, the smartphone’s price has been leaked as well, and it looks like it we are in for a pleasant surprise. 

We also have tons of other good stuff to talk about but before that let's take a look at some realistic renders of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 courtesy of let'sgodigital. The quality of Z Flip 3's trailer video was nowhere near good, but these mockups give us a better look. There are a handful of design improvements, including the familiar two-tone aesthetic of the Google Pixel 2. There's a practical reason why Samsung chose this two-tone finish. You see since the cover display is increasing in size, so when the display is off, the phone would look ugly if there was only one color finish. As you can see in the old render. 

So the two-tone black would help hide the display from the surface resulting in a much cleaner-looking device. Anyway, the Z Flip 3 will be priced much lower than its predecessor. For context, the Z Flip was launched at $1400 while its 5G counterpart was even more expensive at $1450. But the Z Flip 3 on the other hand is expected to be almost $400 cheaper at best according to the latest reports from South Korea. According to the report, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will retail somewhere between $999 and $1,199 in the United States when it’s released this summer. 

That's really great news if it's true of course. Like I've said in the past if Samsung wants foldable phones to be the next big thing in mobile, prices will have to come down. Like way down. Foldable phones stand no chance if only a few people can afford them. So it looks like Samsung is finally pulling the plug with the Z Flip 3 by pricing it even cheaper than their latest S series flagship. Now, to make this happen Samsung is cutting corners here and there. The charger is one area. 

If you were hoping that Samsung would include a 25W charger with the Z Flip 3, then it’s not happening. According to the latest certification, the Z Flip 3 will only have a 15W charging support. That's a bummer because we're talking about at least $1000 here and Samsung should be ashamed to put a 15W on this phone when even their midrange phones have a 25W charger these days. But at the same time since the Z Flip 3 has only 3300mAh capacity, it would still take around an hour to fill it up 100% similar to their other flagships. With that said, Samsung has recently filed a trademark for the Z Flip along with a description that reads 'smartphones, tablets, protective covers; electronic pen; capacitive stylus'. 

This raises speculations that the Z Flip 3 may have the S Pen functionality as well. Both the Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3 will have the same display with the same Ultra-thin glass, so it's not out of the realm for Samsung to put the S Pen functionality on the Flip 3. But then trademarks are far from a guarantee that something is on the way for sure. So I would say let's wait for more details before assuming the S Pen support for the Z Flip 3. Of course, do consider subscribing for all the latest tech news and as always I'll see you tomorrow...peace out! 

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