Black and White Fungus: The Next Deadly Infections?

The Black fungus which is now becoming more deadly has a death rate of 50 percent even more than the COVID-19 which has a death rate of 3.4 percent...

Monday, May 24, 2021

/ by Avishek Bera


The News Cover: The Social media users who were then posting requests for hospital beds and oxygen support are now requesting for Anti-fungal drugs. The Black fungus which is now becoming more deadly has a death rate of 50 percent even more than the COVID-19 which has a death rate of 3.4 percent and the recent white fungus cases are even more lethal. So what are these fungal infections? Many people who recovered from COVID- 19 or who are on medication of COVID- 19 are found to be affected by the black fungus also known as the Mucormycosis. 

The most important fact to note here is it is not contagious like the Covid19 is. This is basically a fungal infection which spreads by molds which is already present in our air, soil, decaying vegetables and fruits. These molds enter our body through our nose and then may spread to our brain and eyes. 

Once it reaches your eyes there is a high possibility of going blind. So how is this caused and who are the ones at risk? COVID-19 patients with a history of diabetes are one of the main targets of this fungus. In simple words immunity suppress people which means the ones who are under medication of cancer, hiv or diabetes are easily targeted. 

During COVID-19 treatment steroids are given to patients to strengthen their lung functionality. This changes the blood sugar levels in both diabetic as well as non-diabetic patients . Once you recover from COVID-19 you will still be immunosuppressed which makes it very easy for the fungal infections to infect. 

What i mean by immunosuppressed is your basic ability to fight the environmental pathogens is very less And in case it's left untreated it may result in blindness, removal of nose and jaw bones and even death. In some cases to save the patients lives their eyes had to be removed through surgery which totally defines the title the Black fungus. 

Now coming to the new cases of white fungus this is considered to be even more deadly than the black one as it directly attacks our lungs, brain, nails and most of the vital organs. The strange thing about white fungus is its symptoms are exactly similar to that of COVID- 19. The patients diagnosed with this fungal infection were in fact tested COVID negative even though they had the symptoms similar to that.

 One more thing to note here is this fungal infection can only be diagnosed by undergoing X-ray scans or CT scans. Experts say that women and children are more easily targeted to this white fungus as the main reason is leucchorea. This is commonly experienced in reproductive stage of a woman and in the form of diaper candidiasis in kids. Even the COVID positive patients on oxygen support have been tested for white fungus. 

So basically immunosuppressed patients are vulnerable to both white and the black fungus. The biggest question is how do we save ourselves from this? Prevention is better than cure! This fits perfectly to the situation the best way to save ourselves from this fungal infection is to identify the symptoms early. 

Let's have a look at major symptoms of black fungus. Symptoms may include redness and swelling of eyes just like the conjunctivitis disease, swelling of cheeks, blackish discharge from the nose, blurred or double vision and rarely headaches and toothaches as well. And in the case of white fungus as mentioned earlier respiratory problems very similar to Covid19 can be experienced, For example shortness or difficulty in breathing chest pain etc. So the safest way to avoid further danger is to identify these signs very early. 

Now coming to few more things which can be done to avoid these fungal infections at a very early stage. First and foremost the steroids must be used in an effective manner timings and doses must be properly maintained. The next main reason is the use of unhygienic water in humidifiers and oxygen cylinders, instead sterile clean water must be used. And coming to the third point blood-glucose levels must be monitored regularly in covid patients who are under medication. 

As we all know these cases are increasing at a rapid pace. The need of antifungal injections will soon suffer the same fate of the oxygen availability in india. Shortage of these injections have now led to black marketing as well Amphotericin- B injections used to treat infected patients are now being sold at a higher price. So let's keep ourselves safe and hygienic.

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