7 Deaths At Hyderabad Covid Hospital Due To Suspected Oxygen Shortage

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The news Cover: we are here outside king Koti hospital, in Hyderabad. wherein fact yesterday an oxygen shortage, occurred in the afternoon at around 3 p.m, what happened yesterday after for doors for two hours substance and then, what were the patients suffered is struggling pulse was done it was 60 oxygen saturation. so that is the kind of crisis that people are undergoing, and we are talking about a 350-bed hospital. 

wherein fact there are at least 50 ICO beds, and 300 oxygen beds, and for people in fact who are just coming in if I can just pan and show this is the kind of an oxygen cylinder that Rohit says he already has privately got and kept this, of course, is an NGO has kept this cylinder for anybody, who might come in an emergency until? the time that the triad happens. 

the waiting happens they can use this nozzle and get themselves the oxygen till such time, that they can enter the triad center but unfortunately. what had happened was we understand that the oxygen tanker lost its way and got delayed, for at least two hours. after which the local police went and fetched them because the driver went to another hospital instead, of this king Koti hospital in Hyderabad.

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