45 COVID Dead Bodies Found in Ganga River in Bihar

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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 The News Cover: At the bank of the Ganga at Chausa in Bihar’s Buxar district, locals panicked when they spotted many dead bodies floating in the water. People were stunned as some of the bodies were being torn apart from street dogs and vultures. The bodies were swollen and others appeared half burnt. Have a look at the video clip. The video is heartbreaking. Locals said bodies numbering around 40 to 45 were dumped in the river. They suspected that the bodies could be of Covid patients. While being interviewed by reporters, the locals had covered their faces because they feared backlash from the government. 

They said that the district officials are not at all concered over the horrible situation in Buxar. Another person said, "There is also a shortage of wood and other material required for cremation." A local stated, “Often family members of a COVID victim are not handed over the body by the administration. Officials say if families perform the last rites, there could be a risk of infection. These officials promise to perform the last rites following all Covid safety protocols. However, the time comes to perform the last rites, they develop cold feet, fearing that they might catch the infection themselves. They then dump the bodies in the river and flee. 

Little do they realize that they are also polluting the river." Anjoria Devi, a resident of Chausa, alleged whenever people reached the cremation grounds to cremate their loved ones, those manning cremation ground would charging a fortune. The relatives who are unable to shell out such exorbitant amounts, dump the dead bodies into the Ganga without cremation When I asked them to stop, they asked would I bear the expenses? They were dumping the bodies as they can't afford to pay." Around 10 dead bodies are being thrown every day. Chausa Block Development Officer Ashok Kumar has said, "We were alerted by the local chowkidar that many bodies have been spotted. We have so far recovered 15 of these bodies. 

None of the deceased happens to be a resident of the district. The bodies may have been dumped in the Ganges in UP which flowed here. We cannot confirm whether the deceased were indeed Covid positive. We will cremate the bodies and all COVID protocols will be followed during cremation. Some news channels claimed the number of bodies to be as high as 100 but this number is highly exaggerated.” Soon after the news broke out, people on Twitter slammed the Bihar and UP government for not being able to handle the situation. The government's were criticised for not providing cremation facilities, which has caused people to dump bodies in rivers leading to risk in the spread of infection.

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