4-Digit Code In Co-Win To Prevent Data Entry Errors

Saturday, May 8, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: eighth may onwards when you go online to register yourself for the covid vaccine. you will receive a four-digit security code. this is a new security feature introduced by the ministry of health and family welfare. 

 we find out why is this introduced and what does it really, do so the ministry of health and family welfare says. that in multiple instances it was seen that citizens, who did not go on their scheduled date to the center still ended up, getting the message confirming their vaccination. 

now, this is happening because vaccinators were marking every single citizen, as vaccinated so basically it was a data entry error. that was happening on the part of vaccinators to avoid this confusion or error, this new security feature is introduced. so now when you get an SMS confirming your registration, you'll also get this code along with it, and when you go to the center before you get vaccinated. 

will have to share this code, with the vaccinator. who would not know anything about this, so it's a unique code that you would have got they will fill it in the co-win portal and only then you can get vaccinated and hence download your vaccination certificate, as well.

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