10-Day Telangana Lockdown From Tomorrow, Curbs Relaxed From 6-10 am

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: the list of growing states, which has enforced a 10-day lockdown. this happens from what us some of the rules associated with this lockdown. and how long is this lockdown is going to be for 10 days? beginning tomorrow every day, only for four hours between 6 in the morning, and 10 in the morning, will any of those essential services be operational and people can go out, and get that for themselves but otherwise, it's going to be a complete lockdown. 

this after the chief minister, and the chief secretary had both insisted. that they do not want to lockdown and will not be imposing a lockdown. because the numbers are low but the high court had in fact said that it does not believe they had indicated that it does not believe the figures being shared by the Telangana government, and in fact asked why a lockdown should not be imposed? and are they waiting for the Ramadan festival to get over before imposing the lockdown but most importantly I must point out that it is not the grocery stores, it is not the milk store, it is not any other essentials that were that there was a rush at the lockdown but liquor shops. 

like this which in fact had huge queues and they had to be shut down, this one has just now been shut down a short while ago because they could not deal with the kind of rush that they were getting before the lockdown because people wanted to stock up on their liquor before, the lockdown happened, so that they don't have to experience dry days. during this period, so we are in fact getting visuals from across the state, I must say Vishnu, where it is the liquor shops. that are seeing maximum crowds people, are queuing up, they are wearing masks. as well some places that kind of an order does not exist. but the lockdown has triggered. 

that kind of a reaction in Telangana two other important aspects one is of course, on the migrants the Telangana chief minister has said that he will make specific announcements to reassure migrants. so that we don't see the kind of rush that had happened earlier during the last year's lockdown and in fact, the high court also said that they cannot suddenly impose a lockdown everyone was expecting a lockdown, but they still said that they should have been given a couple of days. 

so that people can plan on what they want to do, and if they want to get back to their homes the second important decision. that's been taken is to say the Telangana will also be going for global tenders in order to be able to buy vaccines. because if almost you know about 45 lakh people have only received the first dose of vaccine, about nine lakh received a second dose. and now only the second dose is being prioritized right now. but there are four crore people in Telangana and to be able to vaccinate those is becoming a problem. so as you can see the small windows only opening up every now and then people who have the contact trying to rush in but from everywhere else the long queues before the lockdown.

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