World Pandemic Coronavirus: Brazil govt's negligence of COVID-19 causing a humanitarian catastrophe

Friday, April 16, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: national humanitarian medical, "non-governmental organization doctors" without borders has slammed the Brazilian government's response to the covid-19 pandemic. the aid group has said that there is no national and central coordination. efficient response, to the pandemic in brazil and the authorities,

haven't taken the disease seriously. enough the "international group" says that while people are desperate and mourning the authorities have failed to implement the basic guidelines, like wearing masks and promoting physical distancing. 

this disease needs to be taken seriously, by the authorities is what they say? to me people are desperate they are mourning and they need help there is no national and centrally, coordinated efficient response to this pandemic prevention measures, which we have seen working

in other contexts like limiting non-essential movements, and activities or wearing masks, and promoting physical distancing and increased hygiene measures are not implemented at this moment in brazil. the right-wing government, of brazil, has completely failed in its response to check.

the deadly covid-19 virus and its spread in brazil. the Covid 19 has the world under its tentacles for over a year now. "the second wave of Covid-19 has crushed. the healthcare system in Brazil, and hospitals are claiming, that they have run out of critical drugs. to incubate patients and that beds have almost run out of capacity brazil accounted for almost a quarter of deaths due to cover 19 last week.

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