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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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The News Cover: So it certainly seems like the rollable or slidable display phones are the next big thing happening in the world of smartphones. Oppo unveiled their version of a rollable smartphone albeit in a prototype or in a concept stage just a few months ago. LG has also teased their rollable smartphone at an event recently but provided no information about when are they going to properly reveal the handset. 

 it seems like Samsung will be the one to beat everyone to the market and release the first commercial rollable smartphone to the masses. Samsung display's senior vice president confirmed during an earnings call that they will strengthen their leadership in the display market through innovative form factors such as rollable and sliding displays in 2021. 

Now, it's not Samsung mobile but their sister company Samsung display said that they will make rollable displays this year. But if multiple Samsung patents on rollable smartphones and this picture of Samsung chairman holding an alleged Galaxy rollable smartphone is any indication then we might indeed see a Galaxy Rollable smartphone pretty soon. 

Also, Samsung is now going to help Chinese phone makers to make a foldable smartphone. As you know, Samsung is pretty much the only game in the foldable mobile town right now, 

but Samsung display wants it to change because they want to make more business by supplying these foldable panels to more companies. And that's the reason they are selling 1 million of these foldable panels with Ultra-thin glass on top to Oppo and Vivo in the third quarter of this year. 

So you can look forward to more foldable phones from other companies in the second half of this year and hopefully it brings down the average selling price of foldable phones than what it is today. 

So Xiaomi has just made science fiction a reality. You see the wireless charging tech we have on our phones right now is not truly wireless since we still have to put the phone on the wireless charger which is then attached to a cable. True wireless charging happens when the phone charges over the air and that's what Xiaomi has just showcased to the world. They announced Mi Air Charge tech which, somehow, manages to charge your phone and other devices from a long distance. 

It can charge multiple devices from up to a few meters away at up to 5W within a radius of “several meters”. Xiaomi claims that physical objects don’t reduce the charging efficiency which is good but for now you need this big transmitter that is as large as perhaps a living room side-table next to a couch. Basically how it works is, 

this transmitter transmits millimeter-wide waves directly to the phone through beamforming. So if the phone doesn't have a wireless charging coil, it won't matter because it uses radio waves. The phone should have a compatible receiver to receive these waves to get charged over the air. 

some of you might ask, is it going to have an adverse effect on human health? Well, since they're not just gonna be sending electric pulses through the air, I mean that would fry everyone, it's not going to have any side effect. Basically, 

the waves are going to be transmitted via radio waves, at frequencies of what we use at the moment with WiFi and Bluetooth. So it's perfectly safe to use. By the way, Xiaomi hasn't provided any release timeline yet but a representative directly confirmed to Verge that no devices will feature the tech in 2021.

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