Violence As Assam Poll Team With EVM Hitches Ride On BJP Candidate's Car

Saturday, April 3, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: well let's now get you, election news from Assam and a massive controversy that has broken out in Assam security forces had to resort to a Lottie charge and even had to fire in the air to disperse a massive mob in Kareem ganju in Assam's Barak valley yesterday now remember polling took place in Barack valley yesterday and the police action 

followed after a crowd surrounded this vehicle it was a private vehicle but it was seen carrying an EVM and a polling official as well and this video of the incident has gone viral on social media official sources however have told Eddie tv that the vehicle assigned to a polling team broke down midway while they were returning to Kareem ganj after completion of the voting process and then for some inexplicable reason they took a ride with a private vehicle 

which the opposition has claimed belongs to a bjp leader as the vehicle approached the strong room in Kareem guns opposition supporters then identified it and surrounded the vehicle what opposition members are saying in tweets as they've called out this controversy over the EVM being found in a private vehicle what is the explanation that's right this is a very bizarre incident in fact because the explanation is very interesting now what has happened and this is a version 

that we have picked up from official sources we did speak to several top officials and the version the official version that we are picking up from the sources is that last evening after the voting process got completed this polling team who were deployed in a pooling center in rathabari constituency which is under karim's district they were returning back when their vehicle the officially assigned vehicle broke down the presiding officer had then called up the sector officer for a replacement vehicle they were assured that the replacement vehicle will come in but it took a bit of more time and in between for reasons 

best known to the polling team they decided to take a lift on a private vehicle remember there was an escort party of police officials police personnel also along with the polling team now as they took the lift on a private vehicle as they approached you know Karim's town a mob get out the vehicle the mob completely you know tried to ransack the vehicle beat up the driver because maybe there were supporters of the opposition party within the mob that is also not confirmed as of now but the allegation was that that the vehicle which on which they took 

the lift belongs to a bjp candidate now not the bjp candidate from the ratabari constituency from where the EVM was coming but with bjp candidate often adjacent constituency now what we are picking up from opposition rather what we are picking up from official sources is that they have checked and they found out that the vehicle belongs to somebody in the family of a bjp candidate from another adjacent constituency now already there is a police case 

which has been registered in terms of the mob violence which took place because when the administration got to know about it they send in reinforcement to the area the heavy Lottie charge had to be done and not only that the mob only got dispersed after there was blank firing by the security forces remember yesterday in another incident in kachar district of Barack valley in a sunny constituency

 there were police actors you know they were firing by the personal security officers of the deputy speaker of the assembly mr amin after he got out by few people and three people got injured so two major incidents of violence in Barack valley after yesterday's polls

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