T20 World Cup: ICC is thinking of an alternative without India

The way the coronavirus is constantly raising concerns in India has raised questions about the ongoing IPL. On the one hand, when the...

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

/ by Avishek Bera


The news Cover: The way the coronavirus is constantly raising concerns in India has raised questions about the ongoing IPL. On the one hand, when the great procession of death is going on in the country, the question arises as to the reason why a tournament worth crores of rupees has been organized. Three Australian cricketers have already left India. "How is it possible to organize an IPL in a country where so many people are dying, there are no beds in hospitals," said Andrew Tie. Former Pakistan star Shoaib Akhtar has called for an immediate end to the IPL. But who listens to whom?

According to the Indian board, the tournament cannot be stopped. The board has taken the responsibility of repatriating foreign cricketers. But this time the question began to arise about the T20 World Cup to be held in October. Although that has 6 months left, if the situation improves, the board will try to organize the World Cup on the soil of the country. But the world cricket governing body said they were in touch with the Indian board at all times.

The ICC is considering hosting the tournament in the UAE as an alternative. The IPL was held in Arabia last year. The tournament was efficiently organized by the United Arab Emirates. We want to wait and see in the end, if India is not possible, there may be a tournament in Arabia. The Australian Prime Minister has given a direct message. The Australian government will not take responsibility for the return of cricketers. Meanwhile, a letter from BCCI COO Hemang Amin gave relief to foreign cricketers.

There he said foreign cricketers need not worry. The Indian board will take responsibility for their repatriation. The BCCI will repatriate cricketers from all the countries currently playing in the IPL. It has been made clear that the BCCI is aware of its responsibilities. The tournament is not over until all the foreign cricketers are returning home. The Board is in touch with the Central Government and various important departments in this regard.

Multiple chartered flights may be arranged if required. After this decision, it can be said that foreign cricketers will breathe a sigh of relief for the time being. Former Pakistan star Shoaib Akhtar has demanded that the tournament be stopped in such a situation. Many more are doing the same. But the Indian board is reluctant to pay attention to that. Where is the time to listen to criticism of the big bosses?

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