Suspending flights from India feels like 'punishment' for stranded Aussies

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: I now want to go to Debra tell us. now she helps to host a Facebook page for Australians overseas trying to get home. so I want to find out from her how people are feeling about this in India thanks for joining us deb congratulations on your work you're doing. I think it's fantastic that you're looking to help Australians. get the latest information stay in touch with each other and find out, how they can get home just how unfairly are, we now treating Australians in India. who wants to get home oh it's heartbreaking isn't it to think that. 

now after, we've only just had a couple of DFAT flights, come in and I was on one of them and went to howard springs. so I can speak from experience, the anxiety of living in limbo is just horrible, and now to have all those flights canceled. now I'm sure there were about seven flights due next month, to fly out, and I have friends that have been booked, on them that have had the call from DFAT to say sorry your flight's been canceled, so oh look you know. 

I understand what dr clay is saying, and I agree with him, we need places like Howard springs. so what would what I don't understand Chris is, why are we trying to go for zero covert in quarantine because quarantine, is for people who come from infected areas. to stay for two weeks safe, out of the way, of the community safe from the front line workers, because there's no contact safe, from other travelers, well this is the point they're using the example of Perth over the last few days.

 there were just two infections, out of the quarantine, there I think three, in the end. but they got on top, of it in a way that didn't even need a lockdown, and new south wales have taken in two-thirds, of all the Australians, tens upon tens over actually hundreds of thousands of Australians. from overseas lots of them infected. with covert and they've been the occasional breakout, and they've got on top of it without locking the joint down we've managed this brilliantly as a country. 

so why do we turn our backs on Indians? because they're going to come back at the same level of infections, as we've already seen from the Uk Italy, and the us I have no idea, I see that the cricketers are coming home, and I see that Scott Morrison is sending in supplies to India. that means that flight is going to go home with who on it that's my question who's coming home on that flight that's bringing in the supplies. I find it's extremely unfair and I know the general consensus is that it is very unfair and it feels like punishment to Australians that are stuck in India? 

now you have to understand. also Chris that the government closed all commercial flights, in March last year. so there are no commercial carriers flying Australians. out of India, now if these Australians in India get coronavirus, they will now obviously be at greater risk, because they'll have poorer medical care in India. then they're likely to get into Australia but of course, they then add to India's problems because they're another person that India needs to look after these are Australians they have a right to come home absolutely I can't agree with you more. 

well, what do you think they can do about it Howard springs I've heard has a capacity of three thousand people if it can be cared for by the same way that the smart are dealing with the health over there if we can have that level of care with 3,000 people coming into that facility, then everybody will be safe but closing down flights. what is what's going to happen yes there's medical that people can get while they're in India I just hope it doesn't have to come down to body bags that's the way people are going to come home from India. 

what a grim way to look at it but that's the reality thanks. who's a teacher been a teacher abroad and she's trying to keep Australians up to date with this now here's the deal right. when you go through hotel quarantine coming back, into Australia many of you would have done this I did this last year, of course, the whole point of quarantine is you are treated as if you're infected they assume that everyone's infected and you're kept away from contact with anybody else that would be no different from anyone from India.

now we know lots of people have come, and have been infected they've been treated in hospitals. we've had a few breakouts, which we've contained but we're saying that the risk, is so high in India that we're not prepared to take that risk even though we've taken it with hundreds of thousands of other, Australians, from Italy, from Franc, from Germany, from the UK, and from America, it worries me greatly about the different treatment here and we'll hear more from this later in the program.

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