Special Helmets Of IPL 2021

Friday, April 9, 2021

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The News Cover: IPL 2021 in a fast-paced tournament like t20 it's very important for a player to be in his right headspace but to ensure their heads are protected there comes these helmets which here Mr. Raghav Kohli is holding now he is manufacturing helmets which are going to be used by most of the players playing in IPL 2021 it's safe to say almost every team has your helmets yes yes 70 to 80 percent of the players. 

will be using what's so special about your helmets new technology called choroid this honeycomb honeycomb-like structure keeps the helmet really breathable in this warm temperature and that's how players like it, even more, a lot of Indian players have already shifted to this helmet oh great yeah and did you consult any specific cricketer or player yes actually I met shakirthaven a couple of years back he suggested. 

we need something more breathable so that's how we got this technology from France and implanted it in our helmets so here we go he's using it now he used it against England in the recent odis and he'll be using it again in the IPL but did temperature conditions in our country play a major role in you deciding for this technology yes absolutely I would say because it is very important that helmet it is very safe obviously that's number one priority, 

but then it needs to keep you cool because if you see test matches players wearing it for hours and hours and hours they need to have something on their head which is strong as well as it keeps them cool and any international player who is wearing shoe helmets yeah loads I would say 60 to 65 percent of the international players steve smith Australian captain joe root English captain Virat Kohli Shikhar a lot of players 

they prefer to use a helmet yes okay and everyone has actually picked their favorites who's your favorite player that you are looking out for in April 2021 Virat that has nothing to do with it, to be honest, but I just yeah his game is fantastic and yeah so he's a wonderful player I would say okay so everyone actually has placed their bets on their favorite players and they will be guarded this year with this special technology.

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