‘"Sorry, Note I didn't know it was medicines for corona," Thief In Haryana Returns Covid-19 Vaccine

Friday, April 23, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: Even as several states are facing an acute shortage of covid vaccines, thieves broke into the jeans pp center general hospital storeroom in Haryana. and stole nearly 1,710 doses of coaxing, and covi shield vaccines other medicines, and cash. 

in the storeroom were left untouched the accused had their target fixed on the vaccines later the stolen vaccines were found at a tea stall near a police station with a "sorry note" which was found along with so in a sense all are well that ends well. 

what the thieves develop some sort of conscience is that what happened certainly looks, so after the police found. this entire consignment of the doses. which is stolen from the Sell hospital. and the police also had this ''two-line note written on a paper inside the packet'' which was left by the thieves near a tea stall. 

and near the police station and while dropping it they gave it to a person, who was sipping a string near the police station and the thieves told him that it is the food. which has come for his munshi posted in the police station, so please drop it at the police station after

which police recovered? it and they found this entire more than 1700 doses, of both the vaccines. which were intact there right now. the police are still examining. and have some suspects insight, who was involved in this theft in the civil hospital. in jean and the health, a minister has now asked the authorities, to increase security for the vaccine storage centers, as well as for the oxygen surrenders in Haryana.

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