Punjab lost to Mumbai by 9 wickets

When the Mumbai Indians batted first on Friday and scored 131, it seemed that Rohit Sharma's team would not be able to win this match....

Friday, April 23, 2021

/ by Avishek Bera


The News Cover:  When the Mumbai Indians batted first on Friday and scored 131, it seemed that Rohit Sharma's team would not be able to win this match. However, the name of the team is Mumbai Indians. Mumbai have won many matches in the past with low runs. The most consistent team in the tournament. But the champion team lost three out of five matches in Chennai. Barely early in the tournament. Right now, there is nothing like raising a roar. But the thunder signal is showing somewhat. The sooner the five-time champion team can fix that, the better.

Rahul and Agarwal went ahead to chase the run wisely. The two went up to 53 runs in partnership. Agarwal was out for 25 runs. Chris Gayle came to bat. The Caribbean legend knew there was no need to play big shots with unnecessary risk today. The best way to move forward in a low scoring match. That's what he did. At first it took a while to adjust. But then played his usual offensive shot.

It was the responsibility of captain Rahul to lead the team to victory from the end. Punjab had scored a hat trick till today. In the last match, Sunrisers lost by 9 wickets. Captain Rahul promised to get the team back on the road to victory soon. Kept talking. Not watching, playing a responsible innings brought the team an important victory. Losing the champion team will boost the confidence of the Punjab team a lot. Preity Zinta's team will get some oxygen.

And Mumbai have yet to enter their normal winning planet. There is a lack of continuity. Cricket is a game of great uncertainty. Today's king, tomorrow he is a fakir. Many did not think that Punjab, which was lagging behind in terms of strength, would beat Mumbai. At the end of the match, Rahul said that legends like Jonty Rhodes and Anil Kumble have always said in the dressing room not to lose confidence. Last time in Arabia, the team turned around in the second round after losing in the first round.

As a captain, he knew that the cricketers in the team had that ability. All that was needed was a victory. Today they got that victory. Again against the champion team. Rahul thinks that the confidence of the team will increase a lot after today's performance. Rahul also praised Chris Gayle. Universe boss has given confidence to the team in important matches as a senior cricketer.

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