Nashik Oxygen Leak: 22 Dead, Angry Relatives Blame The Hospital For The Incident

Saturday, April 24, 2021

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The News Cover: On 21st April, closed to Nashik’s Dwarka at the government-owned Zakir Hussain Hospital around 700 patients were admitted for various reasons. Many of these were COVID patients and a majority of these had difficulty breathing. 

They needed medical oxygen to breathe. Patients were being provided oxygen via pipelines from a tank, installed in the hospital premises. On 21st April, at around 12.20 pm, the hospital staff were refilling the oxygen tank using a tanker, as the oxygen levels had reduced. However, there was a leak in the tank and white fumes engulfed the area. 

Because of the leak, the oxygen levels began to drop, and patients began suffocating. Hospital staff and fire department officials immediately tried to fix the leak. After 30 minutes they were able to stop the leak. However, the patients were without oxygen for 30 minutes. 22 patients died because of this. 

Despite the doctors' attempts to resuscitate patients, the oxygen leak led to the passing of 22 individuals. Have a look at the video. The video was so dangerous. Doctors tried their best to revive patients but to no avail. An FIR has been registered against unidentified persons. Officials say it happened because of "negligence and carelessness". 

PM Modi Tweeted about the incident saying: "The incident is heart-wrenching. Condolences to the bereaved families in this sad hour. Maharashtra CM furious over the incident, has ordered an investigation in the incident. Rs 5 lakh will also be given to each of the dead’s families. 

Another shocking incident occurred in Virar near Mumbai. 13 coronavirus patients who were in an ICU have died in a fire. More information is awaited and an investigation is going on. Maharashtra and several other states across India are witnessing a huge spike in COVID cases but there is a shortage of oxygen which leads to difficulty in treating the patients.

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