Nandigram Chaos, Huge Security As Mamata Banerjee Visits Poll Booth

Thursday, April 1, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: CRP police, all kinds of central paramilitary forces, marching into the loyal accounting center over here is the counting center they are marching in there literally to rescue Mamta Banerjee who has been stuck there for over one hour caught between two quarters a Kurukshetra if I have ever seen one in the middle of what is supposed to be a completely democratic process of electing leaders. 

the trouble at boy all started around 1:30-2:00 clock when Mamta Banerjee came here to register her protest against reports that her polling agent was not allowed into this particular booth and that's when the first stop when she came out of her home this afternoon was here she came in down the road over here on a wheelchair which is at least a kilometer and a half and then suddenly villagers erupted over here and started shouting jay Sriram slogans 

let me show you they are still there the police have managed to push them. back a little but not much they are all over there sporadically shouting Jai Shri ram slogans even now a whole bunch of villagers who seem to be very angry with Mamta Banerjee here they are security forces in growing numbers keeping them back 

so this is where you have the bjp supporters and on my right over there you have the trinomial supporters and the police security forces posted, in between to ensure there is no clash and all this while since about two o'clock in the afternoon Mamta Banerjee has been stuck inside 

the polling booth and she has been talking to multiple leaders i know that I heard her speak to the governor and she complained to him that this was a failure of the election commission of the administration that the election commission was in charge of that she feared for her life and you know felt that the election commission should respond and here 

we have a situation when a huge police force has arrived a few minutes ago with a huge contingent and election officials they have gone in and met Mamta Banerjee now we are waiting to see what happens next i can see that the officials have stepped out of the booth we'll have to see what they do to control the situation and get the chief minister out of here

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