Mexico suffering world’s highest Covid death rate as cases surge

Friday, April 9, 2021

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The News Cover: more than 3,20,000 people are now thought to have died in Mexico with coronavirus the authorities have updated their figures which are some 60 percent higher than previously admitted Mexico has the third-highest number of covert deaths after the u.s and brazil our Latin America correspondent 

will grant reports now from Mexico city Ivan Sanchez often takes his wife and children out to eat in a local cafe in Mexico state but these days someone is missing from their regular family lunches Ivan's father Mario he fell ill from covid shortly after Ivan got the disease unwilling to go to the hospital he tried to ride out the virus at home and died on this very sofa ivan grapples with the grief and the guilt of having infected his father every day many thousands in Mexico have died like Mario untested under.

the radar and not included in the official statistics after he died I asked a friend to help me with the paperwork so that his death wouldn't be registered as covid but as a respiratory collapse we did it so we could give him a proper wake at home as government data suggests a staggering 3,20,000 have died from coronavirus in Mexico public health experts believe cases like Mario's mean 

the true picture is even worse most analysts extra officially are arguing that our number could be higher than that 320 something thousand that we may be about half a million dead if such a dire estimate is true Mexico needs to vaccinate its people soon in one of the worst-hit municipalities there was tentative hope and optimism as the most vulnerable received their jabs but nationally the criticism is there simply aren't enough doses to go around and there has never been a proper strategy, 

in place to cope with the scale of the problem in Mexico veronica Villanueva saw her parents vaccinated a huge relief after her brother recently died from coronavirus veronica blames President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for underestimating the pandemic from the start with elections coming, 

he doesn't care about the virus he just wants to keep the economy moving because shutting it down would turn even more people against him but keeping tourism afloat has had deadly consequences and now a new spike is expected after the Easter break social distancing at prayer face masks at mass as Mexico mourns its dead only we and brazil may have lost more yet the final figure here may never truly be known

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