Jaya Bachchan On Mamata Banerjee 'A Single Woman Fighting Alone'

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: the surprise announcement of the day from west Bengal the spmp Jayaram Bachchan is now set to campaign for the West Bengal chief minister mumta Banerjee starting from Monday ms Bachchan is now going to be one of the star campaigners for the tmc she has arrived there in west Bengal. 

as you can see that grand greeting and welcome for her in the state and she will be in West Bengal till the 8th of April now west Bengal whom do we have well surprise surprise Samajwadi party mp Jaya Bachchan who donned her samajwadiwati red cap but campaigned for the trinomial congress went ahead and also gave people a lecture about,

how to wear a mask despite elections Bangladesh that is the big trinomial slogan and taking that forward another daughter of Bengal come to fight for Mamta Banerjee not that month of energy needs fighting for Jaya Bachchan made that clear in her political debut in Bengal to ligand her first stop for the tribal candidate there. 

who is one of Mamta's closest ministers, do not hijack my religion from me do not never do not hijack my democracy and my democratic right from me babul shuprio is bjp candidate at taliganj one of five mps that bjp has fielded foreign is in Kolkata for three days the big question is will she share the stage with mamta Banerjee at any time it would signal Mamta's national stature and ambitions in coming days.

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