India's oxygen shortage leaves people begging for air

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: the gurgle giving life, and they came from miles away to get it for many it's a race that they're losing, the race to find oxygen before coronavirus, overwhelms them quickly he's shouting they know every minute counts the narrow street outside. 

the Sikh temple, in east Delhi, is crowded, with vehicles full of Sikh and dying people, desperate people, gasping for air for oxygen. that the hospitals can't provide is many tell us they've been turned away by several hospitals. before reaching, here no one seems able to help, these people and some just don't make it in time this would be shocking on its own but this tragedy is being multiplied over and over Indians are being abandoned in the teeth of a deadly disease. 

the EU, UK, and America are amongst the countries to offer help. but the people have yet to see it so they're taking it, where they can and this Sikh temple's providing it sourcing oxygen themselves, how do you manage to get oxygen and the government doesn't. why isn't the government doing it, I don't know what the government is doing people are dying on the streets and governments are they are watching for all their votes, and election, as seeds. 

I don't know, what the government is doing that then we can do it why can't government not doing that's a question a lot are asking india's, grim statistics keep on rising, they're promising free vaccinations, for all but in this one of the world's biggest vaccine manufacturing nations, only around two percent of Indians. are fully inoculated, and the surge in testing across the country means these are hard to come by too, 

now with the positivity rate soaring in Calcutta, at the moment "every second person being tested is positive" in all the chaos there are many fathers like Siddiqui he's pleading for help my son's weak he says please come his son Abu Sadat is lying motionless they've been trying to get him into hospital, for eight days. India's being engulfed by this virus and its people are utterly helpless. 

they hastily bring an oxygen tank to hook him up to it this is the best chance he's had of making it through this pandemic, in more than a week he's been pushed out of all the hospitals his mother tells us no one would help just as Siddiqui is feeling relief his son relapses there's a sudden panic. and his brother is doing everything to push life. into him, they're not medics but they love him and they're worried and they're not going to give up Siddiqui is distraught.

and he's angry, the whole country's, been destroyed he says the whole country is destroyed. even with the central government, and state government, there's still a black market for oxygen. he says what can you do. now he needs to go to a hospital, no more beds, in the hospital. this is every family's fight now. but too many are taking on this virus, with nothing to fight it, and Abu Sadat's relatives will have to hunt again for more oxygen.

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