India's 13 countries offer assistance health diplomacy pays off,

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: the world has come forward to help India at least 13 countries. have offered supplies and assistance, and while most offers should be welcomed. some need to be examined more closely, let's start with the first mover's countries. like "Singapore" they saw India in crisis and enabled the transfer, of much-needed oxygen supplies no strings attached last week four cryogenic oxygen tanks were airlifted from Singapore. 

a plane of the Indian air force was sent to fetch the supplies more medical supplies are expected in the coming days, like oxygen concentrators and ventilator machines then we have "Saudi Arabia" it sent across a shipment of four cryogenic tanks with 80 metric tons, of liquid oxygen and this transfer happened in cooperation with two private companies. 

meanwhile, many other countries have stepped up to help, reports say medical support, from France, the UAE, Denmark, and Israel, has begun flowing in today. the Indian air force airlifted seven empty oxygen cylinders, from the UAE, well-known buildings in Dubai, like the Burj Khalifa, lit up in the colors of the Indian flag yesterday. with a message to stay strong india. 

the united kingdom is sending a major shipment including 600 pieces of medical equipment, like ventilators, and oxygen, concentrators. the first batch is expected to arrive on Tuesday. France has promised to provide India with a quote-unquote significant extra oxygen reports say this will include oxygen ventilators, as well assistance is also expected from the European Union, from japan, Russia, Australia, and Canada, too and as the rest of the world, swung into action. 

us, and Germany, also woke up two countries one till two days back showed no concern for India after a stumbling initial response they have now offered to help the united states faced a strong backlash for blocking vaccine raw materials to India then u.s national security advisor. Jake Sullivan spoke to his Indian counterpart Ajit Duval and there was a clear shift this is 

what America's statement, said after the conversation just as India sent assistance, to the u.s, as our hospitals, were trained early in the pandemic. we are determined to help India. in its time of need clearly, the Biden administration was red-faced after its initial response so on Sunday all key members of the u.s administration from president joe Biden to vice president Kamala harris to u.s secretary of defense Lloyd Austin, and even the American surgeon general posted messages of support in Europe chancellor angela Merkel made. 

a shift too is german chancellor angela Merkel on Friday, we told you how she'd issued a warning to India she wanted Europe to rethink medical supplies from India. if India fails to export, due to its own rising caseload but on Sunday Merkel expressed solidarity with India she promised a mission of support Germany, foreign minister Heiko ma said that Germany is racing to get oxygen and medical supplies to India angela Merkel announced that we will urgently work on an assistance mission.

the german government is now urgently evaluating, what kind of assistance, can be provided such as oxygen, equipment, ventilators, medicine, so despite the initial speed bumps, India's partners are now offering help and this is also the result of the goodwill that India developed during the pandemic in the initial days. India sent medicines to more than 100 countries. than when vaccines, were ready India shared them, with the world the government faced flack at home but India believed that this was a global pandemic. 

which needed a global response, the help continued, and all of it is now paying off, which brings us to china last week, we told you that Beijing had extended assistance to new Delhi, and not surprisingly china's actions are yet again. the opposite of its words this is what has happened china's state-run carrier Sichuan airlines has suspended all-cargo flights to India for the next 15 days. 

why does this matter to India, because this could lead to a major disruption. we are talking about cargo flights they were supposed to get medical supplies efforts. were on to procure much-needed oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies from china. now all of it will come to naught because china's state-run airline has stopped. flights to India and that's not all Chinese manufacturers were trying to profit from India's desperation? 

let me show you a report, it says Chinese manufacturers jacked up their prices by 35 to 40 percent, even freight charges. were increased by more than 20 percent. I said none of this comes as surprise china had supplied India with faulty testing kits last year this year it is trying to profit from India's crisis and blocking supplies while promising help good thing nobody was counting on them for it.

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