Indian Air Force flies in 4 oxygen tanks from Singapore COVID-19 | Coronavirus Oxygen Crisis

Sunday, April 25, 2021

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The News Cover: missed worsening covid-19 crisis in India, Singapore became the first country from which India procured central's India on Saturday procured four oxygen tanks from Singapore. the process starts a major initiative to procure more essentials. 

like tanks, from death severe and oxygen, from "countries across the globe India. will soon be procuring these essentials from the UAE, Germany, France, Russia, the UK, EU, Australia, and "china, have also offered their support" meanwhile Spicejet on Saturday lifted 800 oxygen concentrators from hong kong to Delhi for emergency use. in India SpiceJet plans to bring more than 10,000 oxygen concentrators in the coming days. from the globe and amid. 

the ever-increasing virus cases at least 15 countries. have either imposed "travel ban on India countries" have taken precautionary steps and have issued advisories against traveling to or from India the countries that have imposed a travel ban on India are us, UK, Singapore, New Zealand, hong kong, Pakistan, Oman, France, Australia, Canada, UAE, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait, and Germany and the UAE, are latest countries to close its borders to travelers from India. 

Australia has announced that it will reduce the number of citizens who would be able to return from India. and "other red zone countries"-Singapore has announced that all long-term pass holders and short-term visitors with travel history to India in the last 14 days. will not be allowed to enter Singapore, or transit through the country earlier this week. countries including Oman and France had imposed.

additional restrictions on travel from India. while oman had indefinitely banned the entry of travelers from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, France, has put India on the list of high-risk countries travelers from India need to undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine upon arrival the UK has put India on its red list of countries, effectively banning non-citizens from entering. its borders and the u.s centers for disease control and prevention have issued an advisory asking people not to travel to India.

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