India records 320,000 new Covid cases as foreign help arrives

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: you can sense the desperation just to be in this crowd is to take a chance with covid but in India oxygen, is the difference between life, and death, they have waited for hours. and most will wait, in vain here supplies, are soon exhausted and the gates are closed. and I have just lost in November my father-in-law, and on 23rd April,l I have lost my grandfather-in-law, yes, I have been facing two days. 

I cannot lose my father, any more salmon scours the shops, his sister aunty, and uncle, are all sick at home there's no oxygen. not even the basics he says I've searched everywhere, from a government accused of complacency. there is now urgency so a train thunder's past loaded with oxygen trucks. and the first consignment, of aid, arrived from Britain ventilators and machines, that will extract oxygen. from the air tonight the "united states" promised to send vaccines to a country. 

which once boasted, it would supply. the world now medicine is in short supply. here and priced well beyond most pockets a self-confident nation, on the rise feels suddenly crushed, they were not prepared for anything our health minister, used to say we are prepared our prime minister used, to say we will fight this corona and you are seeing the funerals. you see many peoples are dying, dying the mortuary even the dead. must wait their turn Jitendra Singh shunting is a volunteer on Covid front line. 

whose life is now dominated entirely by death. the bodies he collects those who've died at home. often members of the same family aren't tallied in official figures his work, is never done, and his phone is never silent, another call, another death, another funeral, to a range today, he will pick up more than a hundred bodies. they offer each grieving family. the rights and rituals of death according to custom no matter. how often covid kills it is never routine!

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