India Crosses 1-Lakh Mark In Daily COVID-19 Cases For First Time

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: now India has crossed the one lakh mark's it's reported more than one lack of coronavirus cases in 24 hours remember this is the first since the pandemic began that India has reported these many cases crossed at one lakh mark in a 24 hour period one lakh three thousand five hundred and fifty-eight cases reported.

in the last 24 hours let's go across to the numbers 478 deaths in the last 24 hours and the total recovery and active cases so far are 7 lakh 41 830 and the number of deaths due to coronavirus in the country 

so far is one lakh 65 thousand one hundred and one so a big breaking news India has crossed that one lakh mark if we can show you the coronavirus curve in the country and you can see how the peak from the last wave is lower than the peak from this wave and this wave has been a lot steeper as well it as you can see 

the climb is has been a lot steeper we'll just bring up that wave in just a moment but let's go to the graph and let's go across we've crossed that very grim milestone reporting over one lakh cases in 20 for Maharashtra of course 

the worst affected state announcing measures but tell us more about what the government is now doing well as far as the measures are concerned the manager government has already said that if there is no other option there will be a lockdown once again there will be certain restrictions as far as the central government is concerned yes there have been certain meetings that have taken place in the past few days

 there is no clarity as to how the government is planning to put curbs as far as fan India is concerned because the number of cases has in fact reached the highest as far as 24 hours are concerned more than one lakh three thousand cases now this is the highest ever number of forever 19 cases the last time 

the number was around 97 000 even at the peak on 17th December when we were talking the number of highest last year or the graph, however, was less cheap than this one because in just February we saw that less than 10 000 cases were being reported and we are here just in the starting of April and the numbers have already crossed one lakh mark 

now this is going to be a big worry not only for the government but also for the people and the healthcare workers who are working around the clock as far as containment measures are concerned treating people are concerned and not long before the number of 419 cases will not only be concentrated in just Maharashtra because a lot of people who have been traveling from Maharashtra to other states there is always a worry that the cases might spread to other states as well

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