In a live broadcast of the government meeting, Modi lashed out at Kejriwal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sat down with Chief Ministers of various states to discuss the Coronavirus situation in India. And that meeting is the...

Friday, April 23, 2021

/ by Avishek Bera


The News Cover: Prime Minister Narendra Modi sat down with Chief Ministers of various states to discuss the Coronavirus situation in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was angry with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for broadcasting the meeting live. He openly expressed his displeasure over the Delhi Chief Minister. Arvind Kejriwal, however, has admitted his mistake.

The Prime Minister sat in a virtual meeting with the chief ministers of the worst-hit states in Corona. However, no arrangement was made by the central government to broadcast the meeting live. But the meeting was telecast live on behalf of the Delhi Chief Minister's Office. While Arvind Kejriwal was shaking hands with the Prime Minister to explain the oxygen crisis in Delhi, the live broadcast was still going on. And realizing that, the Prime Minister got angry.

After the meeting of the Delhi Chief Minister, Narendra Modi expressed his anger. Addressing Kejriwal, he said, “There is a tradition of protecting privacy. It is not at all expected that such a meeting of a Chief Minister will be telecast live. It is against our tradition. ' After the Prime Minister's statement, Kejriwal expressed his regret. Although the video of this incident spread on social media.

A statement from the Delhi Chief Minister's Office was later issued. It was claimed that the Chief Minister's speech was broadcast live on this day because there was no directive from the central government that it could not be done. Discussions on many issues that are important to the public interest have been broadcast live in the past. However, if there is any inconvenience for today's incident, we are sorry for it.

During the meeting, Arvind Kejriwal requested the Prime Minister that a major catastrophe would ensue if arrangements were not made to send oxygen to Delhi quickly. He also said that the oxygen coming to Delhi from Orissa and West Bengal should be delivered to Delhi by air or the newly launched Oxygen Express. But the whole meeting was cut short by the broadcast debate.

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