Gujarat Student Fakes COVID to Skip Exams

Saturday, April 3, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, there is a school named Udgam School. There was a female student who had played a weird prank. The student was very stressed over the offline exams as she was not at all prepared. All this while during the online classes, she could copy and had a lot of freedom. 

Being very afraid of offline exams she posted a message on various WhatsApp groups. In the message she said, many of the students in Udgam school have tested positive for COVID-19 after appearing for the offline exams. The message went viral and parents were shocked. They refused to send their children to school for the offline exams. On investigation, it was found that all the students were fine. 

After further digging, the message was traced to the female student. The student confessed and said she did it out of fear as she wanted to avoid offline exams. She had a gala time at home. During online classes she would minimize the screen, and have fun. The offline exams caused her anxiety as she wasn't prepared. 

This is why she spread the message. The student apologised and the school did not file a police complaint. The school refrained from filing a complaint and let her off with a warning. Hvovi Bhagwagar is a counselling psychologist. She said that this is not the first time. There are many such cases among students and Young Adults. Everyone were very comfortable with online classes. 

They would come up with multiple ways to enjoy while attending the online classes. But transitioning to offline classes made many uncomfortable. There have been many incidents about such pranks. Let me tell you. In February, 2021, a passenger was sitting in the flight. A person next to him was recording a video on the sly. 

The passenger suddenly started shouting about him being COVID+ and created a scene. The other person recorded the entire incident to go viral on social media for publicity. Even in Moscow, Russia, a person pretended to collapse due to COVID-19. This was a prank and he intended to go viral. The police arrested him and imprisoned him for 5 years. 

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